“How To Start A Bakery…
… Avoid the mistakes by
Opening your Bakery Successfully”.

The Crusty Baker, has been building successful
bakeries for OVER 5o years and can assist
you to get your bakery business off the ground!



How to start a bakery

From: The Crusty Baker.

Before you open a bakery there are a few things you should know about!

It is for that purpose I designed this web site.

Starting a bakery is an excellent idea! It has people salivating over their thoughts of a favorite cake, desert or pastry.

Opening a bakery has the aroma of baked products drifting through the neighborhood enticing both young and old alike.

Not everyone however, has the knowledge of how to start a bakery and that is why I am here. The guide book has been put together by a guy who has been in the trade for over 53 years as a professional baker. His name is John. He has operated or started several bricks & mortar bakeries as well as home bakeries, many of which are still in operation.

His most recent project was to purchase a bankrupt bakery business. The previous owner owed $89,000 dollars on credit cards as well as owing both the landlord for the leased premises & suppliers of their ingredients, and then turned it into a successful business.

Warning! Do not buy into a bakery
till you read this true story.

There are pitfalls in every business venture and this story will explain one that I had to overcome in this venture.

Opening that bakery proved a little challenging because the bakery had a colorful history, (drug dealings, bakers smoking while preparing products and throwing the butts in the back of the oven), those problems i was not made aware of prior to purchasing the bakery.

Those were the stories I found out later in the community. But I wanted this bakery position, next to a super market “I could taste it”! The problems would not have made any difference to me.

The bakery itself was spacious, 1600 sq. ft. but no-one had apparently satisfied the health inspector and when we met she laid into me as if it were, “ALL MY fault”. That is their job. I only blame her for not doing it sooner to the previous owners!

The bakery was filthy and it was obvious to me why the business had failed just by it’s appearance. The machinery was in poor condition and was desperately in need of servicing. The staff toilet opened directly into a stock room and had at some time been improperly seated on the base.

The counter area was a disaster! Why anyone would open a bakery using the wrong type of display cabinet, that constantly froze several times a day and then defrosted over the products with no proper run off is a mystery to me.

There was also no hand wash basin for front counter staff to comply with Canadian health regulations.

If you open a bakery with those conditions you too will fail.


How to start a bakery is an art in itself
and you are just a short time away from
your dream of opening your bakery.

What you will find inside my guide…

HTSAB Ebook Cover Page


Check 3 Reasons why a Franchise may not be for you. Before you invest time and money.

CheckWhat to look for when buying a bakery. Before making an offer of intent.

CheckFind out what equipment is required. Before making a major investment

CheckFind out how much baked goods really cost. To ensure maximum profits.

CheckHow to Get Financing. And prove your venture will work!

CheckHow to Get the Best Employee’s. For long term service.

CheckDiscover 10 RARELY used customer service secrets. Increase sales by over ten percent

CheckWhy the color in the sales area is important. To increase your sales

CheckDiscover Where to place your ads. Increase sales by over ten percent with the right position

CheckHow to increase Customer Service. Show your customers how much you care!

CheckHow to be a better manager. Provide leadership and responsibility!

Check How to Secure the Business. To prevent thefts!

CheckHow to Design the Bakery . For optimum flow and ease of operations!

CheckGet to know your supplier. And get free ingredients!

CheckBest of all, Get to KNOW your Clientele. For higher sales and repeat business!

three alternative businesses for
starting a bakery with

  1. What is a baker? Explained in chapter one.
  2. Different types of bakeries! In chapter two
  3. Franchising. In chapter three
  4. Buying a Bakery. In chapter four
  5. Starting a bakery from nothing. Chapter five.
  6. Planning a bakery layout. Chapter ten
  7. Product & Procedures. Chapter Twelve.
  8. A bakery equipment list. Chapter thirteen.
  9. The importance of costings. Chapter fifteen
  10. Starting with a small or part-time business. Chapter 22.
  11. Ensuring food safety. Chapter 23.
    And much more!

What others have said about how to start a bakery…

Changing the color in the sales area from the clinical white, to a Burnt Carrot REALLY made an impression Thanks JT

I’d like to thank you for talking to me when I needed guidance. It’s not to often you can find someone as helpful as you were.

Best Regards, Rick

The book provided a lot of knowledge and I thank you for that. I just know I’m happier making bread than doing anything else. Ed.

hi , thanks for putting my question in ur newsletter, i feel that will help many others like me and thank u again for ur reply and the contacts u have given me thanks riten


There are tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any information you are considering purchasing includes the following:

CheckA PROVEN knowledge of baking.

CheckSomeone with whom you can speak to.

CheckA person who has assisted in or built more than one bakery

CheckAND, worked in almost every position from tin cleaner to bakery owner.

CheckSomeone with over 50 years of experience in building successful bakeries.

Why not get your copy of
How To Start A Bakery Today?

It would take you over 50 years and a life time of investment through bakery courses and on-site job training in three different countries to learn even a portion of what is included in this powerful guide!


You could hire me as a consultant at $250.00/hr over 10 hours to scratch the surface of what is detailed in my guide book.


You could also invest $497.00 in yourself and have this informational guide to starting a bakery downloaded to your computer within seconds from now, BUT, you don’t need too!

You deserve to have what you want in life,
now is the time to take action!
Limited time offer of JUST $97.00 us.

(if you purchase today)

Sample business PlanSample Business Plan – Bonus #1

In fact this particular sample business plan offers a bakery with a coffee shop and is a sample of what can be.

If you were to purchase a business plan, from a business planning company of which there are many, it could cost you as much as $2000.00 or more. I am not exaggerating here, but it is not a true representation of your business.

But without a business plan you are almost certain to fail so we have one to help your venture.

Remember – “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”.


Borrowing BasicsBorrowing Basics – Bonus #2

With bonus number two is an ebook to assist with borrowing.

Valued at least $47.00 but yours free with “How to start a bakery”

Many businesses require financial assistance to start and many more run their entire business on bank financing, so knowing what terms bankers use to evaluate your business could be the difference between obtaining financing or being rejected.

There are no guarantee’s though, but any help has to be a great benefit.

Sample bakery floor plan

Bakery Floor Plan – Bonus #3

Each contractor requires their own plan of drawings.

  1. The plumber
  2. The framers
  3. The electrician
  4. The building inspector>
  5. The painters
  6. The planning department
  7. The health inspectors
  8. The equipment installers

The information contained within our guide “How To Start A Bakery” contains this information and more!

I will also give you these TWO Extremely important bakery health care PDF’s files and sample costing sheets as well as Five other Bonuses!

PLUS as an added bonus
my PDF version of the recipe book.
Recipes I Use Daily

This recipe book is a recipe book for commercial bakeries. The recipes can be divided or multiplied to suit most instore or home bake shops.


GuaranteeEVERYONE wants a guarantee: SO, here’s mine. 100% ROCK SOLID guarantee to you!

If you purchase my guide book “How to start a bakery” right now, CHECK it out for a full 90 day’s. Compare what you see with all the other bakery info books you have seen or purchased before. AND…

…I guarantee there is information in there that you have not seen before!

Once you are through reading it, if it is not what you are looking for. Then simply request a refund!

It is that simple. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Using our Paypal secure order form it will not matter what time you make your purchase.

Buy it now. NOT $497.00 NOT even $147.00 Today just $97.00 US.

Follow the instruction on the download page and follow your dreams!


How to Start a Bakery
Must have manual for all new bakery entrepreneurs. Includes a Floor Plan, Equipment lists, Production lists, Employment recommendations, Management duties checklist.
Price: $97.00



John Taberner

May the aroma be with you!


How to start a bakery comes with three different business models as well as my incomplete book of Recipe’s I Use Daily.


Don’t forget the sample business plan and other bonuses to help with starting a bakery


All the bonuses, the sample business plan, the bakery equipment layout AND the How to start bakery book.
All for JUST $97.00 US, from a guy with over 53 years professional bakery experience!

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