Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to compile a list of questions
frequently asked in the emails people send to us.

It is quite possible that your question has already been asked and a reply could be listed below.
Please look through them and if your question is not listed or answered below send
an email to: Support

Q: Do you have a telephone contact number?

A: Yes! 480-319-9498. Leave a Name – Telephone number an email address and a brief message.

Q.  Is my credit card safe?
A.  YES! We use PayPal’s encrypted payments form which has a very high encryption.
Look for the closed lock on your browser to confirm.

Q. How long have I been a baker?
A  The short answer would be all my life and is actually 53 years.

Q: Where did you train to become a baker?
A: I trained in four countries, but mainly in the UK where I attained certificates in
Bread Baking & Flour Confectionery. Both intermediary & Advanced craft with 1st class marks.

Q. How long will it take to set up a bakery?
A. The answer to that question is a variable that is not in my power to answer as a
lot of the time will depend upon you, as well as the banks if you are borrowing their
money and contractors if you are building or altering a building.

Q. What sort of oven should I buy?
A. The oven you choose should be one that will be in use most of the time.
It would not be correct to purchase a five deck 25 tray oven if the days production
is only 10 trays. (See chapter thirteen about types of equipment)

Q. How much will it cost to set up a corner store bakery operation?
A. Costing will depend a lot on the products you wish to make and whether or not you
purchase new or pre-owned equipment. Expect a minimum of $100,000 dollars and up.

Q. Will it be cheaper to buy a bakery already equipped?
A. Almost certainly. Though it will depend upon why the bakery is for sale in the first
place and how old the machines are. Please read chapter 13 – “5 ways to evaluate used equipment in my ebook for further details”

Q. Will your book help me in a country other than Canada?
A. Almost certainly. The book is designed in principle to help anyone thinking of starting
or buying into a bakery. (See chapter 2 – for different types of bakery)

Q. Can a member of my family purchase the book and give it to me.
A. Anyone can purchase the guide book, but only one person can use the password.

Q. Is there a way to print the eBook?
A. Not at this time. A printed version of How to Start a Bakery will be available in the future.

Q: How long have you been a baker?
A. I started as a baker in the year 1955 and have worked almost continually in
the profession ever since.

Q. Do you do consultations?
A. I would be happy to answer any question you might have about the bakery profession.
In the first instance send an email to consultations

Q. How many books have you got?
A. There are three books at present being developed and two available on-line at this time.
Other recipe books can be seen at cooks best recipes.

Q . What are those books?
A.  How To Start a Bakery is already available Recipe’s I use Daily is about halfway

Q . I want to operate my business from home, what is involved?
A . Starting your business at home is perhaps a common sense way of exploring your business
options. However, it is not always that easy. Plan on spending as much as a brick & mortar
business and a lot of government interference.

Q. Do you offer plans for a bakery layout?
A. In my guide book there is a plan for a bakery layout and i would be happy to discuss other layouts
with you. consultations

Q. Would you be willing to offer on-site consultation and training?
A. The short answer is YES providing we can set up a contract and all expenses are met. In the
first instance send an email to consultations

Q. I want to start a bakery and i found a butter-cream frosting recipe that is unique and I
very much want to replicate it. If I ask the bakery who currently makes the frosting for
the ingredients, can they refuse to give me them?

A  YES! They do not want to give their trade away to competition.

Q: I am looking for an apprenticeship in the bakery profession, can you help?
A: I am happy to offer you suggestions and assist someone who is truly interested in the bakery trade.

Q: I am visiting from outside your country, can you arrange to visit a working bakery?
A: I would be happy to try an arrange a tour of a working bakery for you if possible. I will
of course  need some time to arrange such a visit.

Q: I am looking for someone who has experience in the bakery to act as a mentor?
A: It is a possibility and i would be willing to have you attend a course in our bake shop.

Q: Do you have any other recipe books for use in the bakery?
A: I have compiled a number of recipe’s into electronic versions, for ease of cataloging.
Those are Deliciously Decadent Cheese Cakes, The Cookie Jar, & The Big Book of Sandwiches.

Q: Can you help me make doughnuts?
A: Absolutely. Doughnuts are an excellent choice of product.

Q: Can you help me start a doughnut shop?
A: Yes! A doughnut shop is an excellent idea.

If your question has not been answered here then please feel free to ask your question by sending an email to Support. We cannot promise a personal reply, though we do try to respond to each email.