Here are the terms & conditions of our affiliate program.

You may offer our affiliate program to your clients, BUT only clients that have registered through a sign up form on your site. We do not condone the buying of email lists for the purpose of selling affiliate products.

The affiliate (You) ! will receive 50% of every client you send to us that make a purchase
from guide book.

How much you earn will depend upon how many clients you send to our web site who purchase
our book on How To Start A Bakery.

Our affiliate software will track your sales, refunds and referrals.

The software results shall be the sole condition for payments and/or refunds.

Payments will be made on the 15th of the following 3rd month of purchase.

i.e. Client purchases in January. commission paid in April. This is to cover any possible refunds.

To receive your payments you MUST have a Paypal email to receive your payment.

If you do not have a Paypal account you can sign-up to obtain one HERE

We reserve the right to chance these condition to protect our products and services at any time.

If you FAIL to complete our registration form correctly, or enter fictitious information.

Your application WILL be deleted.

If you spam anyone your account will be immediately canceled and any commission will be lost!