Bread Controversy

Every day some where on the web somebody has some thing to say about bread.

Some condemn bread in every way, yet bread goes way back in time. Even before the Romans.

Five loaves were split into five thousand, according to the bible. No, i am not religious but i did have a christian upbringing.

Anyway, bread is a staple food and yes, there are good and bad breads and some worse than others too!
There is a lot of science saying that brown breads are better for you. I cannot nor will i denigh that point, if you are saying the roughage is what makes the brown bread is better.

You see there are just 13% of bran flakes in brown bread, the rest is white flour. And, although we eat the entire slice of that brown bread the 13% bran is not completely digested and passes through our bodies as waste.

Then people say eat whole grain breads. Well that means eating bread that also contains the wheat germ, or next years seed along with the bran and the white flour parts.

That bread tastes really good but it does not rise to the size of supermarket breads and there lies a part of the trouble.

You see people then think that they don’t get their monies worth, yet weight for weight the breads are actually the same size.

Then the mills came up with Multigrain breads, and flax seed breads. Both are really great tasting breads, but rather slow to catch on with the general public. The bakeries love these breads, but the manufacturing plants rarely grind the seeds in advance as the oils within these seeds go rancid fairly quickly. The smaller corner store bakeries crack there seeds before making the bread and the real flavor comes through as well as the full potential of the seeds to the human body.

There are of course other considerations.

In the last 20 to 30 years scientists have manipulated the DNA of the seeds for good reasons.

1 – To increase growth and therefore produce more grain.

2 – To feed an ever growing population.

3 – To grow a more decease resistant seed.

Those are all good reasons to mess with the genetics of the DNA of that i might agree? But it is my opinion that it is these DNA changes that have in my mind increased the problem to the people whom are gluten intolerant.

There are scientists who have worked within these DNA changing facilities who now claim that genetically modified foods are in fact health hazards.

This can be born out by the number of countries who now ban any genetically altered foods from entering into their borders.

Here’s another little gem for you.

Food dietitians have come up with a daily dosage. Much like the 5 fruits a day, but they say that woman should eat 350 grams of bread a day while men should eat 450 grams or slightly more if they are in a strenuous environment.

That is a good three quarters of a pound of bread for ladies and a whole one pound loaf of bread for men.

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