“Starting Your Own Bakery Business
is NOT always an easy task
UNLESS you know where to go and
how to get the information
for a Home Bakery Business”.

Many people want to start a home bakery business.
The idea is great!
But often flawed, by the wrong type of equipment
and illegal operations.

Start a Bakery Business

Hello bakery entrepreneur.

Starting your own bakery business is the dream of a lot of people these days.

With the economy and unemployment hitting high numbers over the last few months of 2008 and early 2009, the logging, construction, investment businesses and car manufacturing industries entering into bankruptcy, more and more people are turning to starting a bakery business.

How to start a bakery

How to start a bakery

Starting your own bakery business could be the way to start in a small community. However, there are numerous drawbacks for starting a home bakery business that can make this type of venture virtually impossible.

One of the biggest problems for starting a home bakery is the regulations surrounding home ownership and community development. Other reasons are the lack of working space as well as the increased utility requirements.

Although this is a way to increase ones financial circumstances starting your own bakery business from home may not be a viable venture.

How to start a bakery can assist you in this business, but you should be aware that not all communities allow a home bakery business.

Starting a bakery business in another location could be easier, though somewhat more expensive.

Bakery Business

The Crusty Cottage Bakery

Starting your own bakery business will be cheaper than buying into a  franchise.

And starting your own bakery business could be the start of a franchise down the road.

Very often though trying to start your bakery business at home will cost just as much as building a new bakery from scratch.

If you decide to go through this route then be prepared to fight the local authorities tooth and nail and then lose. At least in many locations!

There are ways to accomplish this idea, and in smaller towns it might be even easier than you might think.

How to start a bakery business has one venture that could fit into this criteria for less than a thousand dollars in set up costs.

A true story

This story has two points to be made. The first is a warranty issue.

Back in the 1970’s, in the UK.  My wife and children used to brag about me being a baker. As a result I was asked to make someone a wedding cake at home .  Before long people were asking me to make a variety of cakes, and after a short time word got around to a couple of hotels and the work started coming in from those places too, all by word of mouth advertising.

My Cake Business was born, and we purchased a new stove to help with the new work load. The cooker had a double oven, four burners and a griddle with an eye level toaster! It looked GREAT!

But our cooker broke down several times during the warranty period.

Some how it became known that we were using our household appliance, (the kitchen stove), for profit.

Directly after that we were informed that our warranty would be null and void  if we continued to use the appliance for profit.

The second point here is:
I did NOT have a business license and so I was then instructed to cease and desist by the local authority, from making cakes for profit. Without a business license or the proper health regulation you TOO could be in trouble.

Are there advantages to a home bakery business.

Yes, there are advantages if you are allowed to operate from a home bakery business.

It will not bypass any local authority and we do not help you to do anything that is illegal. Being a legal business has MANY advantages!

For instance: there are tax advantages related to your business no matter what kind you operate.

The premises, as well as your investment costs to start the business can be both advantages and obstacles.

Now I cannot tell you what they all are, as i am not an accountant, nor a lawyer. Those are not my profession so check those out with a competent legal professional.
  • You can read about my tax advantages in Chapter 20
  • And Legalities in Chapter 31 of How to start a bakery


There are tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any information you are considering purchasing includes the following 6 points:

CheckA proven knowledge of baking.

CheckSomeone with whom you can speak too.

CheckA business person who has built more than one successful bakery.

CheckAND been in the trade from tin cleaner through to bakery owner.

CheckSomeone who has trained bakery apprentices.

CheckSomeone with 53yrs of building successful bakeries.

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John Taberner
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