What is a  Franchise?
Will you be the Franchisee
or the Franchiser?

Starting a bakery business is one thing
becoming the owner of a Bakery Franchise
is something else.

Bakery Franchise

Hello bakery entrepreneur.

There are many franchises in this world.

You likely know of a lot more than I do as each location has a number of franchises to that particular area.

However, I am sure you have heard of the DO-NUT franchises.  Then there are the fast food franchises, deli franchises, ice cream franchises, pizza franchises, sandwich and bagel franchises, coffee franchises and numerous more.

I could go on, but I think you get the message. There are dozens of products used in a franchised environment and just about every product can be a franchise.

What a lot of people do not know is the cost to own a franchise. Well, actually you never really own a franchise, you only lease that franchise business name. Unless you are the one to start that business and then offer it as a franchise.

You see the cost can be astronomical and like I just said you never actually own the franchise, just lease their name.

To buy into a franchise can cost anywhere from $250,00.00 to over $2,000,000 dollars. Yes, that is two million dollars.

YOU put up the money.

YOU sign all the lease agreements.

You commit and arrange all the servicing  to any agreements.

NOT the franchiser.

The franchiser gets to increase their business name.

Some franchises are great as they do all the advertising. They command exactly how to prepare a product. They instruct you an what method of selling that product,  how you employ your staff and what training those people get and how much you pay them. (Very often minimum wage).

You will also be told how many staff you must have on call at all times.

Of course they do not do this for nothing. They take a percentage of your sales as payment and some times as high as 20%

Your success is greatly dependent upon “YOU” and the franchise you get yourself into!

You could of course begin by
starting your own bakery business
and then franchise your business.

The next question to ask yourself is:

… Can my Business be Franchised?

Franchising is a relatively flexible format, and just about any type of business can be franchised, provided it meets some basic characteristics:

  • It needs to be credible.  Does it have experienced management?  A track-record over time?  Is the concept proven?  Has it achieved good local press or public acclaim?
  • It needs to be unique.  Is it adequately differentiated from competitors?  Is it marketable as a business opportunity?  Does it have a sustainable competitive advantage?
  • It needs to be teachable.  Are the systems in place?   Are operating procedures documented?  Could someone learn to operate the business in three months or less?
  • And it needs to provide an adequate return.  Not just profitability.   If a business cannot generate a 15% – 20% return on investment after deducting a royalty (typically between 4% and 8%), it is going to have difficulty keeping franchisees happy.

If your business meets these criteria, then it may be a good candidate for franchising.

Starting a bakery can be franchised in many ways.

There are hundreds of products that could allow for franchising and therefor expand on your business name. There are of course the donut franchises and the bagel franchises to name a couple that have been successful in expanding their recognizable product. There has been a new franchise operation in the bread line which has a complete variation on the same franchise theme.

How to start a bakery ebook

How to start a bakery ebook

One does not have to be producing food for human consumption to become a franchise either. Some bakeries have expanded into pet bakeries and franchised.

Here at how to start a bakery, we try to give you enough information with which to accomplish starting your own bakery business. In fact within our book there are a minimum of three business ventures which you can start small and grow. One venture could see you starting a bakery for less than $1000. dollars.

It might also be possible to start the business from home. With the right authorization of course!

Within our ebook we tell you how to go about getting that authorization. See Chapter

How to become a business entity and offer you a little suggestion as to which is the easiest to obtain. Information in Chapter

But if you are thinking of the franchise route then there is only one entity for you. That information in Chapter

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