“Is Choosing a Location more
important than deciding the
equipment choices you make
or the staff you hire”?

Set up a bakery location for your business
in the middle of a lake the
only people to visit will be boaters
Similarly if your store location is on a
One-way street half the traffic maybe lost!


Choosing a Location

Dear bakery Entrepreneur,

Three words — you’ve been told this time and time again!

I know you’ve also heard them over and over again!

AND you are going to hear then again here…


Those are the three words every business coach tells you are important.

They absolutely are important, but what do they actually mean?

Choosing a location to set up “YOUR” bakery business will be different than choosing a location for manufacturing a brick yard. For manufacturing a brick you will likely need to be close to a gravel pit and or a cement works.


The Crusty Cottage Bakery

The Crusty Cottage Bakery


You want to know how to start a bakery, so you are going to set up a bakery location or a variation of bakery product in your store location, so you will need to be near people and traffic, so choosing a location will be some where within a high visible traffic area.

👿 WHOA wait a minute!

If that is the case, then what about the people who want to set up a location in their home for a home bakery business?

Their bakery is in the home and the home bakery business store location may well be ten miles out of town.

OK! That is their location. They chose that store location for their convenience. Choosing a location at their home was and is a choice in choosing a location.

Similarly, if your clientele are boaters, then choosing to set up a bakery location in the middle of a lake could very well be the exact prime location for your business. So you cannot exclude the store location as a choice.

😳 Are you as confused as me?

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing a location for your business comes from all the other aspects of your bakery business plans.

THE BUSINESS PLANS — every thing comes back to your bakery business plans!

😛 Your store location could be near a fast food outlet. However, maybe if choosing a location next to a super market is better, then your business plans will show that.

😛 Set up a bakery location on the side of the road that goes into the employment area could also be the right choice?

😛 Choosing a location to open a bakery business on the homeward journey might also be the right place and again your bakery plans will show that!

What you will find inside my guide…

HTSAB Ebook Cover Page

Check What to look for when buying a bakery. Before making an offer of intent.
Check Find out what equipment is required. Before making a major investment
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Check Get to know your supplier. And get free ingredients!
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three alternative businesses for starting a bakery
that you can start for

  1. What is a baker? Explained in chapter one.
  2. Different types of bakeries! In chapter two
  3. Franchising. In chapter three
  4. Buying a Bakery. In chapter four
  5. Starting a bakery from nothing. Chapter five.
  6. Planning a bakery layout. Chapter ten
  7. Product & Procedures. Chapter Twelve.
  8. A bakery equipment list. Chapter thirteen.
  9. The importance of costings. Chapter fifteen
  10. Starting with a small or part-time business. Chapter 22.
  11. Ensuring food safety. Chapter 23.
  12. And much more!

What others have said about how to start a bakery…

Changing the color in the sales area from the clinical white, to a Burnt Carrot REALLY made an impression Thanks JT

I’d like to thank you for talking to me when I needed guidance. It’s not to often you can find someone as helpful as you were.
Best Regards, Rick

The book provided a lot of knowledge and I thank you for that. I just know I’m happier making bread than doing anything else. Ed.

hi , thanks for putting my question in ur newsletter, i feel that will help many others like me and thank u again for ur reply and the contacts u have given me thanks riten


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  1. The plumber
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  4. The building inspector
  5. The painters
  6. The planning department
  7. The health inspectors
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John Taberner
May the aroma be with you!


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