Our Equipment Choices can be
New or Used and could be
Commercial or Home Appliances!

The equipment we choose will have a
PROFOUND effect on the results
developing the quality and quantity
our customers expect.

Equipment Choices

Dear bakery Entrepreneur.

Choosing the right equipment is very important!

Dough Blender handThe equipment we choose will also decide our production levels!

As you can see from the equipment graphic to the left. It is a well used item for pastry making by the home chef.

Quite useless in a commercial pasty shop where a hundred pies are required.measuring cup set

Similarly, if you are in a bread shop and your daily production and orders require you to make a hundred loaves of bread the usual cup and teaspoon measure is a ridiculous tool to use. Yet it is also a great piece of equipment for the home chef.

The same holds true for commercial bakery business.

Having the right equipment to do the job we have in our business plans will surely be a great benefit both to the product and too our daily lives in the form of reduced operational activity.

electric hand whipThe correct mixer for making the doughs for our breadsUpright commercial machine
with the correct equipment attachments, is going to be
the prime reason for the purchase of that piece of

You can see, just with these two pieces of equipment, that
they both have a whip attached, but the one on the left
will take you all week to whisk a gallon of egg whites stiff.
While the one on the right a bit over 15 minutes.

Which piece of equipment is right for the job at hand?

You are going to have to ask these questions of your business plans, for each and every piece of equipment you plan on using within your bakery.

CheckWhat product am i going to make?

CheckHow many pieces of that product am i going to make?

CheckDo i need a machine or can it be made by hand?

CheckWhat is the most i will make in any given time?

CheckHave i allowed for my business to expand?

CheckShould i purchase the equipment or lease my equipment?

CheckShould i purchase new or pre-owned equipment?

conveyor ovenOnce you have written your business plan and completed your production plans you are left with what size oven do I require to complete my baking equipment list.

As a home bakery the 60 foot long conveyor oven to the left will not work for you, unless of course if your kitchen is around 30,000 square foot.

But, if it is that big your own kitchen stove will again be quite useless. (You can learn more for the reasons why in my ebook)

The equipment choices you have, will depend upon whether you choose new or used and whether those equipment choices can be used in a commercial or home appliance environment!

What others have said about how to start a bakery…

Changing the color in the sales area from the clinical white, to a Burnt Carrot REALLY made an impression Thanks JT

I’d like to thank you for talking to me when I needed guidance. It’s not to often you can find someone as helpful as you were.
Best Regards, Rick

The book provided a lot of knowledge and I thank you for that. I just know I’m happier making bread than doing anything else. Ed.

hi , thanks for putting my question in ur newsletter, i feel that will help many others like me and thank u again for ur reply and the contacts u have given me thanks riten


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Each contractor requires their own drawings.

  1. The plumber
  2. The framers
  3. The electrician
  4. The building inspector
  5. The painters
  6. The planning department
  7. The health inspectors
  8. The equipment installers

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John Taberner
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