“The New Face of Baking

How to Start a Bakery

Is on the Move”?

Restaurants are mobile all over America
even in Canada, why not the bakery too?


Dear fellow entrepreneur.

Restaurants have for years now been open to interpretations or as i like to say a figment of imagination.

I say that because restaurants are hard to operate. They are difficult to obtain financing and have an attrition rate of over 97%. Success is often a figment in one’s imagination.

Yet restaurants continue to thrive. Each one being just a little bit different.

Most people will build their restaurants in a frequently populated area, such as a town center or near a fast food joint or a holiday beach. But, recently over the past couple of years restaurants have become more mobile.

That might sound strange to say because as far back as i can remember people have been experimenting with mobile restaurant ideas; from coffee wagons to doughnut stands. From burger joints to pancake isles. And the Canteen wagons that visit construction sites or deliver the beverages to the office.

We have all no doubt seen the new mobile restaurants that have sprung up in very recent months within the USA. Some reports claim to have many thousands of these types of mobile restaurants through-out the USA as well as hundreds of coffee carts too.  Mobile restaurantThere have in fact been competitions to see which restaurant styles work best in the mobile industry.

It does not seem to matter though whether it is a Tai meal, a steak sandwich, or even a macaroni and cheese dinner, they all appear to be working and making a profit judging by the clientele and the queues seen at theses road site venders.

Canadian entrepreneurs are following suit.

To set up a static restaurant requires a building to house all the equipment. A place to put all the tables and chairs for seating, which also in many instances require the building to be leased and that means a landlord to be paid. Another expense and you never own the property.

Along came an idea that is catching on “FAST” the mobile food carts. Though these food carts or trucks have their own problems.

  1. Where can you stop to serve your customers,
  2. Where are your customers found
  3. Is your stop legal.

Well i have a solution!

Here at How To Start a Bakery we have a mobile bakery and the solution of where to  find customers.

  • A legal place to stop
  • where customers come to you in droves
  • No late night sales
  • No high cost landlord contracts.

Be the first to secure your mobile bakery and operate your business for less than it costs to open a bricks and mortar bakery business.

Learn How to operate a mobile bakery
and where to find your clients.


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