“Starting a Bagel Bakery
then Add a Coffee Bar
to Create Success”

Boiled & Baked in a brick oven
the bagel bakery makes
the taste great!

There are a number of different products in a bakery that offer a unique bakery production experience.

Starting a bagel bakery and shop is just one of those experiences!

The bagel, when made correctly, has an excellently flavored circle of tasty and delicious bread products. The bagel one buys in the supermarket is very often more than a week old before it even arrives in the market place. Having made bagels in both my own bakery and in Montreal, i can tell you that to me; they taste like they have anyway.

There is a big difference in the dough of a bagel and that of bread, yet they use some of the same ingredients.

  • They use flour which is the same as in bread making.
  • The same type of aerating agent – Yeast
  • The dough still contains salt
  • Even contains the same style of sugar
  • And in some cases a similar shortening.
  • And water!

So what really makes a bagel any different from a loaf of bread?

That’s a reasonable question!

If all the above is correct then there has to be something different with the ingredients or the make-up of the dough, and you’d be right!

  • The flour contains a higher percentage of gluten.
  • The dough is a little stiffer or tighter.
  • The dough is made colder.

After the dough was made we froze the dough pieces after they were formed into the circle everyone recognizes as a bagel.

We could then use as we needed them.

There are good profit margins in the making of bagels. And by making a really nice tasting bagel everything you put on that bagel becomes a great sandwich too!

Cheese, lox, grains, whole wheat, poppy seed, and sesame seeds are all great additions to making a bagel.

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John Taberner
May the aroma be with you!