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My doughnut tastes

Donut MachineThere are many instances where the love of a doughnut carries through to a must have situation.

For me every time i visit my home land, i feel compelled to visit the seaside port of Portsmouth and Southsea. The Royal Navy museum in Portsmouth is a great place to see the old timbers of Nelson’s Flagship and the many mothballed more modern day flat-tops and other navy war machines as well as a paddle steamer and a battle ship from the 1500’s that sunk without firing a shot in anger with all hands.

I guess you are now asking yourself just where does the navy and war machines come into  a bakery site and what could it have to do with doughnuts.

Well, as much as the navy and boaters use something called a doughnut to save their craft from bumping together, the doughnut i would be referring too is the edible kind.

The graphic image above is a small table top cake doughnut machine. These are the sort of machines you can find in places like Southsea and other seaside resorts in the UK. You buy then by the bag anywhere from 8 to more than a dozen at a time. They are usually hot straight from the machine and lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar. I can taste them now.

If you would like to learn how to make these or other styles of doughnut. GO HERE.

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Affiliates added

The Crusty Baker has started an affiliate program for all bakery entrepreneurs and anyone else.

Financing a food production is not alway’s an easy sell to bankers. So let us help you with this affiliate program.

Bakery entrepreneurs, this is also a step towards helping you to finance your new venture.

The more you advertise us, the more sales we make, the more commission you receive!

Go sign up now. Add the affiliate link onto your web site, Facebook, Twitter and your emails and we will do the rest!

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Everyone has a question or two or three. In fact questions are our way of asking to be educated. Now, I am NOT saying we are all illiterate by any means. I ask question every day. Sometimes I already knew the answer but, often times I am amazed that I didn’t know the answer.

That is why I have added a Frequently Asked Questions page to our web site.

It is the latest move in our attempt to assist the many entrepreneurial bakers in our society today to open a bakery.

If you have question for The Crusty Baker, related towards how to start a bakery, first check our FAQ page. If it isn’t answered there leave us your questions in the posts.

We will try to answer each question personally, but that is not alway’s going to happen, so you could very easily find your reply added to our FAQ page.

General Questions