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10 Preparation Tips
You Must Know Before
Starting a Bakery Business

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Starting a Bakery Resources


Everyone has a question or two or three. In fact questions are our way of asking to be educated. Now, I am NOT saying we are all illiterate by any means. I ask question every day. Sometimes I already knew the answer but, often times I am amazed that I didn’t know the answer.

That is why I have added a Frequently Asked Questions page to our web site.

It is the latest move in our attempt to assist the many entrepreneurial bakers in our society today to open a bakery.

If you have question for The Crusty Baker, related towards how to start a bakery, first check our FAQ page. If it isn’t answered there leave us your questions in the posts.

We will try to answer each question personally, but that is not alway’s going to happen, so you could very easily find your reply added to our FAQ page.