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Statistics show bakeries up 31%

Statistics show bakeries up 31% increase over 2012 isn’t that enough encouragement to look at starting your own bakery business?

Even Micro Bakeries are up in numbers.

What is a micro bakery?

Well much like a micro brewery, it is someone who has an interest in making bread instead of beer.

How do you start a micro bakery?

How to start a bakery   is a guide book that can help you start a bakery.

The guide book is a pdf download and contains three styles of bakery that can be started. by just about anyone.

In today’s market it might seem that the supermarkets have the top hands or the best workers. Well let me tell you that just is NOT so.

All the supermarkets want is a body that can do as they are told and for the most part all that entails is opening a cardboard box of mostly frozen products. This then is placed onto baking sheets put into a warming cupboard for a preset time and then into an oven that will ring to let them know it is time to take the stuff out of the oven.

You can see this in operation in the UK supermarkets, where the cashier or the shelf stacker is loading or unloading the oven.

These are NOT bakers and frankly should not even have that designation attached to their job titles; in my opinion that is.

A baker can be male or female but these people have been trained in the manufacture of the products. They have put in the time and effort to produce a product by hand to look appetizing and is of the same quality day in and day out.

The products you purchase in one supermarket you can buy in every supermarket no matter what brand name you choose.

So even though your product might look a little different each day, it will also taste different when you make it yourself.

The Crusty Baker becomes Father Christmas

The Crusty Baker becomes Father Christmas

Never in my wildest dreams did i expect to become father Christmas but become Father Christmas i did!

I attended a community Association meeting with a friend and got volunteered to become Jolly old Saint Nick. So on Saturday December 17th for over 2 hours i played the part to around 100 rug rats on this trip to the UK.

Not only have i been talking to three new bakers wanting to start a business in the bakery, but i have also gotten a reputation as good ol’ Saint Nick.

What a week its been too. Commissioned to make a load of cakes, sausage roll, gingerbread bears, mince pies, mini  Christmas fruit cakes for a school fete but also for the community association too.

Here’s what i made.
170 cupcakes
70 Shortbread Stars on sticks
24 Gingerbread Bears
290 Cocktail Sausage rolls
30 Mini Christmas Rich fruit Cakes
5 Rich Fruit Christmas Cakes
2 Guess the Weight Cakes.

The Crusty Baker as Santa

Q&A: Snow chaos and your rights

Snow chaos and your rights

What rights do you have when the chaos of snow and ice
you from getting to work
or stops you from getting home?

Snow and ice continue to disrupt commuters, shut schools and cause traffic chaos in many parts of the UK.

So what are your rights if you can’t get into work, or if you are an employer and your staff can’t make it in?

Richard Nicolle, partner in employment practice SNR Denton, looks at some of the issues.

I couldn’t get to work because of the snow. Can my boss dock my pay?

With the extent and duration of the adverse weather conditions, this is becoming a highly controversial issue.

Your employer’s ability to dock your pay will depend on your specific circumstances.

Those who are employees have statutory protection against an unauthorised deduction from their wages.

In most instances, a deduction from pay will be unauthorised unless the contract of employment provides for a deduction in specified circumstances (unlikely in the case of adverse weather, albeit a possible exception is the construction industry), or the employee consents.

However, a counter argument has been put forward by some businesses and employment lawyers – that if an employee is unable to attend work, they have not performed their obligations pursuant to the employment contract, and therefore are not entitled to pay.

It is questionable whether an employment tribunal would accept this position and there is no case law on the issue.

Ultimately, if an employer deducted pay, it would need to consider the position of individual employees.

Had they made all appropriate efforts to attend work? Would it be possible for the individual to perform all or some of their duties from home? Has a consistent approach been adopted between different employees?

In any event, staff should be mindful that an employee who can be demonstrated not to have made reasonable efforts to attend work would run the risk of disciplinary action.

However, it would be important for an employer to demonstrate consistency of approach in the event of this situation arising.

If you are self-employed, you will also certainly have no entitlement to receive payment if you are unable to perform the contracted work.

My child’s school has closed because of the weather and there is nobody to look after them at such short notice. What are the implications at work?

Employees who are unable to attend work as a result of looking after children whose schools or childminding facilities are closed are in a different position.

This situation is likely to be covered by the Employment Rights Act 1996, which entitles an employee to take a reasonable amount of time off work because of an unexpected disruption or termination of arrangements for the care of a dependant.

Whilst the weather related closure of schools was not envisaged, employees are likely to be regarded as having protection against suffering dismissal or a detriment as a result of such absences.

However, your absence could be unpaid, so arguably an employee in this situation would be worse off than one of their colleagues who is unable to attend work as a result of transport difficulties. Unless the employer decides to make deductions from all non-attending employees’ wages.

My workplace is closed. What then?

If your employer’s place of business has closed – for example, a school – there should be no question of your employer deducting pay. You are ready and willing to work but had no work to attend.

There would, however, be an expectation that you would undertake such work as was possible from home.

Can my employer force me to take a day off as holiday?

A less draconian option for employers is to require employees to use part of their holiday entitlement.

Unpaid leave is the same as a deduction from pay, so the use of part of an employee’s holiday entitlement is a safer option.

It would also be much more difficult for an employee in these circumstances to take legal action.

It is questionable whether an employer has a right to compel the use of holiday entitlement at short notice.

An employee may argue that the purpose of their holiday entitlement is to enable rest and relaxation in pursuing activities of their choosing.

Nevertheless, it is doubtful whether many employees would consider it worthwhile or indeed prudent in the current economic climate to pursue legal action in this respect.

Is my employer required to give notice to me if it decides to dock my pay?

Good employment practice would be to make it clear to all employees what practise will be adopted regarding payment to non-attending employees and/or the use of holiday entitlement.

I am a manager and am concerned that staff might be taking advantage of the weather to have a day or two away from work instead of trying to get in. Any advice?

You need to be clear, consistent and transparent. Tell your staff what your policy is.

While the initial blizzard conditions make travel to work almost impossible, you may judge that the weather and transport links have improved sufficiently so that staff could get in to work.

Theoretically, an employer might contemplate disciplinary action if they felt somebody was able to work but had chosen not to.

But given this would involve complying with minimum procedures and ensuring consistency between employees it is doubtful that many employers would want to devote time and resources to investigating the circumstances of individual workers.

Another option would be to deduct pay but this is likely to be seen as unduly draconian. The most likely option is to require employees to take a day’s leave as part of their holiday entitlement. If you decide that any further days off will be deducted from an employee’s annual leave, you should communicate this to staff.

You may well find that once this has been sent out (including by phone or text message if people are away from the office) that people start finding ways and means to get in.

Alternatively, you could look at making arrangements for people to work from home but clearly in many jobs this just isn’t practical.

Anything else for bosses to bear in mind?

Bear in mind there is a potential health and safety implication. If authorities are telling people to stay at home unless their journey is essential then, potentially, you may not want to put too much pressure on people to return to work.

Employers have a duty of care to their employees and a potential liability may exist if employees were pressurised into travelling by car or foot when conditions were dangerous.

Employers should therefore take a balanced approach between encouraging employees to make all reasonable efforts to get to work and forcing them into a situation where they feel they have no alternative but to travel to work or risk facing possible disciplinary action.

I battled in to work – even though it was difficult. Many of my colleagues didn’t bother and I feel a bit aggrieved. Should I be entitled to get a day’s leave in lieu?

I’m afraid not. These sorts of situations can lead to resentment among workers – especially as those who are able to make it (or in some cases, those who choose to make it) may have to work especially hard to cover those who are absent.

But while there may not be any financial reward, the chances are your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

Clearly your colleagues are likely to have different circumstances than your own – so perhaps try to give them the benefit of the doubt rather than assume they have been skiving.

The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not held by the BBC unless specifically stated. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal or other form of advice. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. Links to external sites are for information only and do not constitute endorsement. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation

Tokyo is top gourmet city in Michelin Guide

Tokyo is top gourmet city in Michelin Guide

TOKYO – Japan’s capital has retained its top spot in the world of gastronomy, according to Michelin Guides, with more top-rated restaurants than Paris for the second year in a row.

Many people speak high volumes about Paris, France’s culinary cuisine, and many of the really GREAT chef’s claim Paris as the number #1 place to learn cooking. But they have been relegated to the number #2 spot recently, by the motoring magazine “Michelin Guide”.

You can check out the full story below on

The End of the Line

Today, there are a fairly large number of people who want to start their own business.

In fact the numbers are astronomical all over the world. Who wouldn’t start their own business, if they knew it was going to be a success.

If you start right then the chances are that it will be!

But, what happens if it really takes off?

You are but one person right? Are your children going to come into the business with you?

Well that’s fine if they are old enough and more importantly… INTERESTED in your bakery business.

Most people outside the trade believe that bakery work is either boring or hard. That is because they only know the cardboard taste of sliced & wrapped supermarket breads and frozen tasteless cakes or stale pastries.

Now a small independent bakery, making their own product on-site from scratch, have a market where people desire flavor and freshness. Both are prominent in the usually corner store Mum & Pop operations and sometime just a single person bakery.

Here’s the big problem. In today’s fast paced, need for convenience world and the ever increasing need for higher wages due to things like lowering the retirement age and the lack of real education in the schools. Our young ones are growing into lazy, high paid employee’s some with certificated degree’s that have no bearing on the work force.

Some if not most teenagers, i have employed cannot add the price of six items together in their head, never mind know how many coins there are in a roll of their own currency.

Now lets say that you have owned your own bakery for a life time and your reputation has kept your business going and everyone knows your product for miles around.

That is what you wanted and what you need to have.

  • When do you take a holiday? (You don’t want to lose your customers)
  • What happens if you get sick? (It happens)
  • Have you planned out your retirement? (Chances are no)
  • Who takes over the business if you drop dead? (This happens too)

I always tell my students that a business, no matter what that business is, whether it is a cake shop, bread store or full feature bakery, should be planned to sell after a few years. I suggest five years then 8 or 10 years down the road.

In fact that should be included within the business plan right from day one!

The bakery business plan is rigid, but not cast in stone and the end date can always be extended if need be.

Are Rats Intelligent?

Are Rats Intelligent?

Why on earth would anyone consider a rat an intelligent species?
They are vermin!

Yet we are literally breading these rodents in our landfills. We are providing them with a safe, warm place with tons of food to satisfy their hunger, but they are not satisfied. They want excitement in their lives just like you and i, and so they forage.

These rodents are a danger to the human race and we spend thousands of dollars to keep them from the food establishments we own and expect our customers to frequent.

Yet on the television, (at least in British Columbia), last night – April 24th 2010. There was a program that proved, (to me anyway), that rats are indeed intelligent.

Not only are they intelligent, they actually talk to each other.

No, not with spoken words like you and I do, of course not. And, neither you or I can hear what they say. At least not beyond the usual squeak or squeal. But believe me, judging by what i saw in the trials they “DO” use intelligence to converse with each other.

I was amazed at the results.

One example was with two rats in a maze. Beyond the maze were four plates of different types of food.

  1. On one plate was dog food.
  2. On one plate was peanut butter
  3. On one plate was something else
  4. On one plate was a chocolate chip cookie.

One rat eventually found its way out of the maze and proceeded to check out each plate in turn starting with the plate furthest away from the maze. Sniffing cautiously at each plate, before deciding that it would taste the cookie with a nibble.

The rat immediately went back to the maze and found the other rat, still in the maze. Which within seconds was making a direct beeline to the chocolate chip cookie and proceeded to devour as much as possible.

How did this second rat know exactly where to go. It was still in the maze when the first rat encountered the plates.

In the second experiment there were three rats. Two in one cage with a screen between them and two tubes of pipe. The third rat in another location on a table also with a tube of pipe. The test was with a spring loaded rat trap and a piece of cheese in the trap.

The rat very cautiously walked around the trap, being careful to avoid it. Why?

Rats and mice for years have been thought to devour cheese as the preferred food choice. It didn’t take the bait.

The investigator tapped the table with a piece of card and the rat on the table immediately ran to the tube of pipe for safety.

Guess what. So did the two rats behind the screen in another location. They too; ran to the tube of pipe for safety.

They eat anything and tell each other if it is good or bad food. It was obvious to me that they do talk to each other in some way, telling other rats where things are and whether or not it is safe to either eat or travel.

So if you are having problems with rodents, rats and mice. You need experts to vary their methods of attack to rid your place of business of these frightening and dangerous critters.


Don’t worry it will never happen!

Don’t worry it will never happen!

You’ve heard the scientists and government spout that kind of rhetoric for years. Yet on just about every occasion those words are eaten by those that state them.

When banana orchards became infected and both orchards and importers went broke many thousands of dollars were spent to replant those orchards with the modified Cavendish variety.

When the Gros Michel variety became infected in the 60’s the scientists set about genetically altering the banana. Just as scientists have done to the wheat grain and many other seeds, to a strain supposedly resistant to the strain of blight that had affected the Gros Michel.

That genetically altered variety became the Cavendish which is thought to be resistant to the Panama version of the blight. But as has been seen all over the world in many other viruses and germs, they tend to genetically alter themselves.

Over the last few years variants in the blight have been seen and have gained a serious hold in many countries. Some plantations in Malaysia have been completely wiped out and in the last few years has also infected Africa.

Human nature said, what happened to the Gros Michel cannot happen to the genetically altered Cavendish. But guess what?

Yep! It started to infect the Cavendish too!

What did the scientist say? Don’t worry, were working on it!

Scientists have been working hard, and they have produced several variation of the banana, from the many varieties available. The problem is the new variations just don’t have the same flavor, so far. It seems the bananas are naturally heavy on seeds but low in palatability.

Although it seems we might not be feeling the pinch from a lack of product available in the super markets, it should be noted that the Malaysian plantations went from full scale operations to nothing in five years.

So we are left to speculate as to what the final curtain call will be for the banana.

The banana fruit is still a threatened fruit, and we are going to have wait, yes wait to see if we can beat that threat. But we need to realize that many people in the tropical countries are the least able to adapt to the loss of nutrition and income, are already suffering.

Bye Bye Bananas

Bye Bye Bananas

Why are we about to say
bye bye to the banana?

A few years ago I read an article in a newspaper or online that said that bananas were doomed.

We are well into the ten year period that particular story described for the doom. What would we see in the stores if this were to be true?

We might first expect the price one pays for bananas to sky rocket in price. We might also expect the availability to diminish and become almost unavailable.

So where are we today?

Well, let’s see…  “The price of bananas has increased”, but, no excessive increase in price. We can also see that over-all the banana market and availability has not been missing from store shelves either.

With north Americans eating more bananas than apples, bananas have become our favorite fruit. So much so that a study  has  concluded that we will eat around 10-12,000 bananas before reaching age 40.

So were the reports of the bananas demise greatly exaggerated? Probably not.

A report out of Uganda a few weeks back had a headline of “Bananas now an endangered species”. The account went on to say that, the disease first discovered in Uganda back in 2001, called The Banana Bacterial Wilt or BBW. Poses a major threat to the banana production and to their farmers too

Unless a cure can be found, it is feared that bananas could become extinct.

Bananas represent a large cash crop for the farmers and the people who depend upon the banana crop for their livelihood and both humans and animals rely on as a staple diet.

The blight has also been found according to the news item Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Indonesia. North America get most of their bananas from central America, which so far has not been hard hit yet.

The brand or types of bananas we eat are the Cavendish type and worldwide we eat about a hundred billion bananas a year. Because bananas are genetically identical having come from plants, what can affect one type of banana can affect them all.

The report also says that those bananas we eat today are not the same variety our grand-parents or parents ate back in the 1960’s. In those day apparently the variety name was Gros Michel.

They also say that the Gros Michel had a better flavor. Of course that today is subject to the people who have actually eaten both varieties. I have eaten bananas in Africa, America, Canada and the UK.  I have to say that as far as my memory goes the best bananas I ever ate were the ones fresh from the trees in Africa.



Everybody has a refrigerator for one thing or another. Right!

But did you know there are different types of refrigerators on the market.

OH! I am sure you know the fridge and freezer and probably think that is what i mean by two types but No that isn’t what i mean.

The best refrigerator to get is a system called FROST FREE.

A frost free refrigerator rarely sweats on the inside of the cavity and lets face it that is the last place you want your products to sweat.

Every fridge will draw moisture from the products that you put into the fridge, but you certainly do not want that moisture to remain within otherwise your products will go moldy very quickly.

Mold means wasted products, extra cleaning work and upset health inspectors who could easily close your business because of the mold, and no one wants that to happen!

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PMS what is it and what does it mean to a baker.

Every month for a baker is a scramble to get to the end of the month and get ready for the next.

Pms to a baker is not the same as what men and women put up with in the text that most people relate to PMS.

PMS to a baker is Profit makes sense.

Without profit in a business you might just as well pour any money you have down the nearest drain!

So why do so many people complain about PMS when without it we are nothing?

The problem is much the same as our other term and understanding of PMS. So how can we as bakers continue to get PMS every month of the year?

That I think would be advertising. Advertising is the one thing that is hit and or miss, so advertising is a headache because we never know where or when it hits the spot. I say this because the newspaper is dying out. Radio is expensive and who listens to jingle bells in the middle of summer or wants to hear the announcer tell one of their sick jokes about the weather.

Television is beyond the budget of most bakery businesses and again who actually watches the local directory channel. Maybe they look at the directory channel just to see what’s on at a certain time so that they can record their favorite movie, but I doubt very much that people actually sit and watch the ads roll across the screen unless that is your job.

Word of mouth advertising is a premium ad. So lets see how to get word of mouth advertising to work for us.

First we need to make a product that stands out from the crowd.

We call this eye appeal.

Next we need to have a price that is also appealing. That means creating a costing of the recipe.

And, lastly we need to have a taste that matches or goes beyond the eye appeal, which once placed in the mouth covers the price with memory loss.

That is how PMS works for our bakery business.

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Valentine’s is over with for this year, so what’s next?

Well in the bakery our next big sales event is the Easter trade.

I personally love Easter and the Hot X Buns. But, bakeries make a lot more than just hot x buns for Easter. Many bakeries make their own Easter Eggs. Many more make chocolates as well as Easter breads.

Some bakeries will buy their Easter Eggs from a supplier and then offer to put a customers name on the egg to personalize it for an added charge. This is an excellent way to address client satisfaction.

It is also another way to offer a free service, such as buy your Easter Eggs here “and have your child’s name added for free”.

Hot X Buns are a traditional item that every bakery should be making from today until at least a couple days after the Easter period. The supermarkets have been selling hot x buns for several weeks now and they are usually small and often stale with what i call insipid paper crosses. These paper crosses are often burnt or almost totally invisible on the bun. The reason for that is the crosses are made from rice paper. Rice paper absorbs moister and if the proofer was high in steam then the cross will absorb that moisture and burn within the heat of the oven.

A far better method to making the cross is to use a batter and pipe the crosses onto the buns. This can be done very quickly and very neatly and providing there is no sugar in the batter it should bake white to give the perfect cross.


Every bakery needs equipment to produce their own products and some people have no thoughts of making their own products – and that’s OK too.

However, where do you get such equipment if you plan on large scale productions.

Well here is an equipment supplier for you to check out. Why not take a look at their Equipment and Services HERE!.

Coffee is it Good or Bad

Here’s is a story i found this morning January 18th 2010.

I thought it quite interesting, since there is usually a reason behind these controversial topics.

I can’t state from any authority or claim truth to these studies. But they are confusing to say the least.

You can read that story by following the link below.

Starting your new bakery

It’s the new year!

You already know that, it doesn’t take a genious. But with the new year many people make what are termed RESOLUTIONS.

We all do it. Come new years eve. That’s the custom in most nationalities. But how many of us really keep thoses resolutions?

Some do… and of those that don’t, continue to make them every year and never act on them.

BUT? Those that do, well those are the ones that are successful.

If you have the desire to become self employed as the owner of your own bakery, then now is a good time with which to keep at least one of your resolutions

Starting a bakery business requires a plan of action. Today you have that plan started. How do i know?

Because you are here and were the one that made a new years resolution to learn how to start a bakery.

Starting a bakery is like no other business, yet the stages of starting a bakery is the same as any other business. It starts with a plan. I said that already!

That’s very true and the more in depth your plan the better and successful your bakery business will be.

Start by deciding on the products you want to make and see if there is a market for that product. This will create the machinery list you need. Then you can start thinking about how much of your product that you must make to pay for those products.

Once you can relate to your products the next stage is to start looking for some place to make them.